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Welcome to our leadership page, where you'll get to know the individuals who bring NEWFORMA's values to life every day. Our leadership team comprises passionate, dedicated professionals who embody our values of Speak-Up, Responsibility, Balance, Can Do, One Team, Truth, Win, and Ethics. Each team member brings a unique perspective and skillset, and we are proud to introduce them to you through their bios and photos. Get to know the people behind our company's success and see how they are committed to delivering the best for our customers and team.

Brock Philp

Chief Executive Officer

Brock is a transformational CEO with over 20 years of experience leading software services companies that specialize in vertical markets, such as accounting and tax, construction, Federal, State and local governments, private clubs, and the golf industry.

He is known for his unwavering belief in defining a clear vision and having the confidence to deliver on it. Brock is the kind of leader who is not afraid to take risks and embraces challenges head-on. Those who are familiar with Brock describe him as a passionate and motivated leader who genuinely cares about the well-being of his team. He understands that by nurturing the right individuals and empowering them to succeed, he fosters an environment where everyone can thrive.

Kevin Murray

SVP of Finance

Kevin, our indispensable SVP of Finance, plays a crucial role in Newforma’s strategic financial planning and reporting. With an impressive 20-year background in the software industry, Kevin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. He is deeply committed to addressing the needs of our customers, shareholders, and employees, striking the perfect balance that ensures their utmost satisfaction. Kevin’s unwavering focus on customer-centricity and operational efficiency guides his decision-making process, making significant contributions to the overall success of Newforma

Rick Salidino

SVP of Strategic Sales at Newforma

Rick is our dedicated SVP of Strategic Sales at Newforma, boasting over 25 years of experience in the AEC industry. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Rick has spent more than thirteen years driving Newforma’s account management and customer success initiatives. He is known for his exceptional ability to build and nurture relationships at all levels of an organization, fostering strategic partnerships that bring mutual success. Rick’s technical expertise extends to various areas, including business and technical applications, pre-sales, workflow analysis, server architecture, and construction administration. With his amiable approach and collaborative nature, Rick is an invaluable asset to the Newforma team, always going above and beyond to ensure customer success.

Ken Weeks

EVP of Global Customer Care

Ken, our exceptional EVP of Global Customer Care, brings over 20 years of invaluable experience in customer service as a key member of corporate and divisional leadership and management teams. With a deep understanding of customer service in both the IT and manufacturing sectors, Ken possesses a global perspective that enriches his expertise. He is driven by delivering measurable and tangible results, emphasizing the importance of quantifiable, bottom-line outcomes. Ken’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is unmatched, making him an exceptional and approachable leader within the Newforma team.

Tammy Tenney

SVP of Software Delivery

Tammy, our skilled SVP of Software Delivery, is a dedicated leader who excels at building and managing versatile engineering teams. With a deep understanding of the dynamic software engineering environment, Tammy ensures her teams thrive and deliver high-quality products with speed and agility. She brings extensive experience in different application delivery models, including expertise in cloud-based technologies. Throughout her career, Tammy has held various software program and quality management positions at esteemed organizations such as Newforma, Cengage Learning, Cadec Global Inc., ChoiceStream, Compuware, IBM, and Lotus Development Corporation. Her diverse background and expertise make her an invaluable asset to Newforma’s software delivery efforts.

Marge Hart

SVP of Product Managment

Marge, our esteemed SVP of Product Management, is a renowned figure in the software industry with over 20 years of expertise in design, customer research, and validation. Joining Newforma in 2006 initially in a design capacity, Marge smoothly transitioned into Product Management in 2015, showcasing her versatile skill set. Her leadership in Product Management has played a pivotal role in fostering a customer-centric focus and prioritizing solutions that enhance the Newforma experience. Prior to her tenure at Newforma, Marge held esteemed product roles at FRS Global, Incentive Systems, Kana Communications, and PictureTel. With her passion for the AEC industry, Marge has found her true professional home at Newforma.

Rob Stephen

VP of EMEA Sales and Operations

Rob, our highly regarded VP of EMEA Sales and Operations, has been an invaluable member of the Newforma team since March 2010. With over thirty years of experience in the AEC industry, Rob plays a crucial role in managing the customer experience and driving operational growth across EMEA. Prior to joining Newforma, Rob held positions in both architectural and digital transformation, gaining firsthand insights into the industry. As an active advisor, Rob guides architectural, engineering, and construction companies in effectively implementing project information management (PIM) systems and processes. His industry expertise and strategic approach make him a trusted resource for clients and a key contributor to Newforma’s success.

Carl Veillette

Chief Product Officer

Carl, our Inestimable CPO, brings a wealth of experience and drive to his role as a results-driven product leader. With 8 years of experience in driving product strategy and execution. With a background in AEC and 7 years of experience as a designer, he has a proven track record of driving the implementation of digital solutions that meet designer, engineer, and sub-trades needs. As the Chief Product Officer at Newforma, he oversees the entire product development process, from ideation to launch, and works closely with engineering, design, and marketing teams to bring products to market. With a focus on customer experience, he has a keen eye for identifying user needs and translating them into product experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Mike Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike, our seasoned CMO, is known for his exceptional ability to build and scale high-functioning marketing and sales engines in fast-paced, growth-oriented organizations. With a genuine passion for leadership, Mike brings a wealth of experience in all facets of B2B SaaS marketing and sales strategy to the table. His expertise spans go-to-market planning and execution, category creation, product evangelism, value creation, demand generation, social media, and leveraging marketing to enhance sales results.